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Feminist thought, Feminist movement -- curated project series

Who Wants to be a Feminist?
Kathy Slamen, Kate Hansen, Kelly M. Nelson, Mare Vaccaro , Ayseef, Jennifer Murray, Jean Rim, Molly Peters , Kate Citrin, Ginny Baughman, Carol Koffel, Elizabeth Pacentrilli

Throughout the feminist movement we have seen a reclaiming of the “male gaze” by feminist artists, using self-reflection and body image to comment on ourselves, aspects of society and what we value. This exhibition explores this diversity in identity centered art.

© Kathy Slamen   Oops! Part 1    Color C-print     20” x 16” (50cm x 40 cm) 2007

The idea of creating a complete scenario for each image, placing myself in the center of an imaginary story, using props, lighting, my own body movements to convey what words could not was an exercise in communication - a different language in a different medium. Let the adventures begin.

© Kate Hansen   Craving You    Oil on masonite    29” x 15” (75 cm x 40 cm) 2007

This figure is an icon of female heartbreak. It would seem that the larger jaw bone should make the figure more powerful and foreboding, but there is a blind quality to this anger. The larger jaw makes the figure unable to speak, and results in a kind of vocal impotence.

© Kelly Nelson   Family Portrait #5   Mixed Media     5’10” x 3’ (177 x 91 cm) 2007

Identity of self and others is a fluid, complex and dynamic human construct involving relationships, culture, distance and time. My work is an interpretation of sociotypes as well as my chosen identity of self and family for display. The variety of marks and at times the employment of unorthodox materials convey individual differences, societal interpretations and extensive distances, the latter most being a self-chosen barrier.

© Mare Vacarro   Tangerine Dreams   Color C-print    16” x 20” (40 x 50 cm) 2007

I have alopecia universalis, which is a genetic miscoded medical condition that renders my body completely hairless. In the absence of a created persona I am a blank canvas. I am using the deconstructed female form to question what is real, what is persona, and whether femininity can be redefined.

© Ayaseef   Burner Etiquette   Mixed media sculpture    8” x 21” x 2” (22 x 55 x 5 cm) 2007

In my artwork I explore alternative interpretations of objects through the use of relationships, contrast, and duality. Major themes in my work include questioning the traditional meaning of items and challenging the concept of “waste”.

© Jennifer Murray   My Head Scarf 2   Charcoal on paper   22” x 30” (55 x 80 cm) 2007

In keeping with the ambiguity of purpose that is so critical to my values as an artist I employ a metaphorical language to communicate personal experiences, struggles, desires, and dreams. When the image is removed from its literal, social, or cultural meaning, it enters the symbolic meaning, and our interpretation of that meaning is a reflection of ourselves.

© Jean Rim   Five Foot Two   Egg tempura on wood     21” x 18” (53 x 45 cm) 2007

When I was young my mother used comic books as a method of teaching English and Korean to my brother and me. As a result, my work is strongly influenced by anime and comic book illustrators. My current body of work explores and confronts societal assumptions and personal experiences growing up as a Korean-American woman. My imagery is a way of conflating the opposing sides of my identity.

© Molly Peters   The Modern Womyn   Mixed Media    2007

I use adventures, dark comedy, and dynamic confusion to express a scenario. The concept starts as subjects unknowingly participating in a photograph, which is then sculpted to an idea of alternate linear illustrations.

© Anastasia Alexandrin   Green Dress   Oil and charcoal     36” x 24” (91 x 61cm) 2007

The feminine role has changed dramatically in the last century. The Woman Series named in homage to Willem de Kooning’s Women paintings, uses rough self-portraits to display the unease the artist has with her own personality.

© Ginny Baughman   An Every Day Goddess   Found Object    28" x 32" x 6" (71 x 81 x 15 cm) 2007

I want to create women in my art who show feminine issues literally on their bodies. My ideas about femininity flow through the bodies of the women that I create and develop as I work, as if they are speaking through me directly to the viewer.

© Carol Koffel   Willing Heart   Ceramics    5” x 11” x 2” (12 x 28 x 5 cm) 2007

This series embraces the deeply feminine and her quiet acceptance of self. If we shelter our heart with armor, can we be loved? Is it possible to summon the muse, if we lose a breast to cancer? Is it just the virginal heart that can nurture? These breast prints reflect my inner spirit while facilitating an outer vision.

© Elizabeth Pacentrilli    Playful (Cosmetic Appeal series)   Cosmetics     40” x 30” (102 x 76 cm) 2007

Cosmetic Appeal is a series of self-portraits created entirely with beauty products. Utilizing a medium created to conceal, I reveal an awareness of female sexuality and power possessed by confident women. Most women rely on physical appearance to manipulate and attract men, but it is a self-confident woman that possesses true power.

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