Submissions and Application forms FAQ:

The Rhonda Schaller Studio is the rapidly growing Chelsea Gallery featuring photographers, emerging artists, and re-emerging artists. We exhibit artists who are in Museum and public collections, as well as artists who have never shown before

The gallery wants to play an active role at promoting opportunities for emerging and established artists within the visual arts community. We believe these juried exhibitions are a great vehicle for promoting such opportunities.

How long has the gallery been in Chelsea?
We opened in September 2006.

Do you represent artists?
Yes, we have two categories. We represent a small number of artists exclusively that we curate for solo shows, group shows, and online curated projects. And we represent the Art Link Network artists non-exclusively, a group from whom we curate for 2-3 person shows, group shows, and online curated projects.

When can artists apply for the Art Link Network?
Artists can apply for the Art Link Network at anytime throughout the year.

Do you ever pick artists for representation from your Open calls?

How many Open calls do you do each year?
Last year we hosted 4 juried exhibitions and a wide variety of themes. This year we have added an online Projects Room gallery to offer more exposure to more artists looking for Chelsea, NYC exposure. We plan on doing 4 Juried calls for the Main gallery and 6 curated projects for the online Projects Room gallery.

What is the difference between the Main gallery and the online Projects Room Gallery?
The Main gallery is at our 547 West 27th street Chelsea, NYC location. The online Projects Room is our new web-based gallery, created to spotlight artists to the over 1.5 million visitors to our website each year.

What are the curated projects?
They are a series of online exhibitions held in our web Project Room Galleries.

Does the artwork you exhibit sell?
Yes. Approximately 20% of our exhibited inventory sold last year.

How do you pick artists to show with you?
We accept applications from artists all year long, based on the strength of the work. We post calls for artists on our website, on all major art publications, and send out email invitations to selected artists. Gallery directors and guest curators review jpeg entries and artist statements over a period of time, looking for soulful, authentic visions to create a conversation amongst selected works for a given theme. Resumes and exhibition histories are secondary to the process.

Is there an application fee for Open calls and Curated projects?
There is a $45 application fee. The money that is collected from application fees helps to offset costs for invitation and catalogue design, postage, signage, publicity, website work, opening night receptions, rent, utilities, insurance and salaries.

Do you promote the artists you exhibit?
We are in the business to sell artwork and help further the careers of the artists we represent and exhibit. We publish a color catalogue for every exhibition, whose primary purpose is to market the artwork. We send out invitations and catalogues to our proprietary list of critics, collectors, and curators to promote the show, and the participating artists. In addition, we send out monthly press releases, and exhibition announcements, listing releases and email announcements to online venues.

Do artists pay fees to exhibit in a juried call?
No. We charge an application fee, and artists pay for shipping/handling to the gallery and back if the work does not sell.

Do artists pay to be included in the catalogues?
No. Artists may purchase a copy if they choose, but it is not required.

Is the Entry deadline a postmark/email deadline?
Yes. Applications will not be accepted that are postmarked after the exhibition entry due date, or emailed after the entry deadline.

Does the application have to arrive by the due date?
If emailed they can be sent by 12 midnight EST on the day of the deadline, or if sent by snail mail, they must be postmarked on the day of the deadline and arrive within 5 days. No need to mail in an application Express Mail or FedEx, regular mail is fine, email is preferred.

What kind of artwork do you look for?
We exhibit all media including film and video, 2D and 3D, abstract and figurative, painting, collage, and works on paper. The thread that connects the artists we represent, in the art link network and selected for the juried call exhibitions is authenticity and personal vision. The Rhonda Schaller Studio is comprised of one of the fastest growing collections of independent, emerging and established artists and photographers looking for Chelsea, NYC exposure.

Where do I find the application forms to send in for a show?
We use a generic application form, which can be found on our Submissions Policy and Application forms page along with a list of Calls for Art for upcoming shows. There is also a link at the bottom of this page for the application form. Please use a separate form for each show you would like to be considered for.

If the gallery is your studio, why are you helping other artists?
Dave Jaquish and I wanted to create a fresh approach to the art world. As a successful working artist, I simply reached a stage in my own evolution where giving back became as important as moving forward.

So my studio became a mentoring space, and an art gallery. It is a place to give emerging and re-emerging artists a chance to show in New York, document their artwork in exhibition catalogues, and enable them to move their careers forward. Through juried exhibitions, expanded website exposure, round-table discussions and gallery exhibitions, we have exposed a greater community to the engaging and thought-provoking work of close to one hundred artists.

Currently, the gallery represents six artists exclusively, and over 60 in its non-exclusive Art Link Network, artists now at varying stages in their careers. The goal is to show work that is not only of contemporary interest, but will be of lasting art historical significance.

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Last updated August 26, 2007