A Great Awakening

July 14 through August 4, 2007

From the Catalogue Introduction:

“A Great Awakening features one or two example works from each of its selected 28 artists, curated from the gallery's inventory of Art Link Network artists. Works were selected for their exploration of memory and mind, and the places within the psyche where they meet. These works capture a view of the artist and the world she/he inhabits. A world that is distinct, rooted in myth, place or personal history.

Contorted, distorted, and fantastic animals appear to confront us; nudes stand calmly exposed while others appear in costumes of color; faces haunt entire canvases and landscapes exist compressed in tight urban spaces or open fields. From the elegance of porcelain to the raw colors of pastel, intricate fiber to textured encaustic, we see a thread of continuity though a diversity of mediums.”

Curated by Rhonda Schaller and Dave Jaquish
© July, 2007 Blue Pearl Press

Selected works from the exhibition presented below. Email gallery for additional information on any work or artist at – info@rhondaschallerchelsea.com.


   © Dasha Ziborova
   Not just your regular bunny



   © Dasha Ziborova
   A little red crook



   © Richard Del Rosso



   © John D’Agostino
   Insatiable Destruction



   © Yoon Soo Lee
   Practice love #69



   © Yoon Soo Lee
  Practice love #72



   © Kathy Hughes



   © Marv Poulson
   Reflection V II



   © Amelia M. Falk
   Its crazy to think I saw her
   being born and now her
   son as well



   © Hyo-in Byun-Wiesner



   © Hyo-in Byun-Wiesner
   Disappeared but still exist



   © David Orr
   Power of Four: Okavango



   © Alysia Kaplan
   Moving Towards a
   Phenomenology of Home #1



   © KD Moore
   Pure Peace



   © Eric Chan
   L - from the alphabet series



   © Jeonghan Yun
   Where is Zen? II



   © Rebecca Morton



   © Odette England
   Bjorn & Odette, 1980,
   outside by nectarine tree
   (The Farm series)



   © Stacie Uhinck



   © Chris Carter
   Hera Grows Suspicious ...



   © Naomi Duenias



   © Carlos Masis
   Sangre en el Arena ( Blood
   on the Arena)  



   © Yvonne Wilhelmi
   The Uncertainty Principle



   © Karen Maru
   Khadi 3



   © Mike Bell
   Beach Rhythms & Textures



   © Karen Abboud



   © Jamie Redmond



   © Rees Shad
   I Dreamt I Was A Dog
Video Installation



   © Rees Shad
   I Dreamt I Was A Dog
Still from video

   $30 for DVD


   © Fernando Ferreira De
   Torso 2  



   © Susan Antonez-Edens
   Woman of the Moors



   © Rhonda Schaller
   The Omphalos Project #1
   (Wisdom series)  



   © Elizabeth Leader



   © Angela Ellsworth



   © Mare Vaccaro
   Vamp Locket I