Represented Artists

Aphrodite Desiree Navab

Elena Fajt

Monique Ford

Rina Peleg

Rhonda Schaller

Rees Shad

John Sumner

Mare Vaccaro

Dasha Ziborova

Art Link Network Artists

Karen Abboud - encaustic assemblage
Clare Murray Adams - mixed media collage
Laurie Joan Aron - cut paper collage
Allison Artis - works on paper, painting
Kari-Mette Astrup - painting, drawing
Mehmet Ayanoglu - drawing, painting
Martin Dominguez Ball - pen and ink on wood
Mike Bell - painting
Hyo-in Byun-Wiesner - painting, photography
Diane-Carbone - figurative painting
Chris Carter - painting, drawing
Vlatko Ceric - computer generated graphics
Eric Chan - painting, digital
Ione Citrin - mixed media, painting
Michele A. Congdon - painting
Joel Conison - photography
Ryan Cummings - painting, photography
John D'Agostino - photography
Sandra de Nijs - painting, drawing
Richard Del Rosso - mixed media, video
Karen Divine - photography
Naomi Duenias - painting, works on paper
Cynthia Eardley - figurative sculpture
Carl Ellis - photography
Amelia M. Falk - photography
Patty Fernandez - video, ceramics
Johanna Gillman - abstract painting, digital drawing
Susan Grabel - sculpture, collagraph prints
Jane Hildebrand-Zynda - ceramic sculpture
Carrie Hoelzer - photography, video, performance art
Kathy Hughes - encaustic
Harry Matti Hukkinen - painting
Ron Jones - pen and ink on paper
Jacqueline Jrolf - ceramic sculpture
Alysia Kaplan - photography, print making
Tasja Keetman - sculpture, installation, photography
Maureen Kelleher - mixed media on wood
Helen R. Klebesadel – watercolor
Yoon Soo Lee - painting
Julian Lesser - painting, drawing
Annette Lieberman - photography
Monique Luck - mixed media collage on canvas
Karen Maru - fiber
Carlos Masis - oil on linen
Nancy Menashe - painter
Hariclia Michailidou - digital collage
KD Moore - painting
Rebecca Morton - ceramics
Marla Mossman - painting, prints, works on fabric and paper
Mary Kay Neumann - watercolor
Susan Sanborn North - fiber/collage
Raquel Olaz - photography
David Orr - digital media, photography
Daniela I. Ovtcharov - painting
Dipesh Parmar - abstract painting
Simon Pontin - mixed media paintings
Marv Poulson - archival color photography
Janis Purcell - sculpture, ceramics
Jamie Redmond - photography
Alexandra Rozenman - painting
Stefanie Sciarrino - photography
Julie Simon - photography, video
Rajinder Singh - painting
Shawn Spangler - ceramics, sculpture
Stacie Uhinck - painting
Rhonda Venezia - painting
Babette Wainwright - sculpture
Cullen Washington Jr. - mixed media painting
Yvonne Wilhelmi - collage, mixed media
Olivia Carol Williams - painting, drawing
Nanette Wylde - web and electronic arts, conceptual interventions
Jeonghan Yun - mixed, paper making
Amanda Zackem - photography