May 31 – June 23, 2007

From the Catalogue Introduction:

"These selected artists travel through a soulful array of artistic directions, each one an authentic voice within the collective crossroads of contemporary art. Selected from the gallery’s inventory of Art Link Network artists, each artist has contributed a work that illuminates life’s rugged terrain with purpose, articulating boundaries encountered in themselves or in the world around them - in shape, color or materials, one or all of which is at the heart of their subject matter. We see in each art work an illustration of the intrinsic connectedness each artist has to the poetry of the familiar, a revelation of home found in self-questioning, whose intent only a modern look at society and self could reveal."

Curated by Rhonda Schaller and Dave Jaquish
© May, 2007 Blue Pearl Press

Selected works from the exhibition presented below. Email gallery for additional information on any work or artist at –


   © Carrie Hoelzer



   © Clare Murray Adams
   July 31, 2005



   © Cynthia Eardley
   New York Man



   © Daniela I. Ovtcharov
   Europa on the Chessboard



   © Desi Minchillo
   Going in Circles



   © Elena Fajt



   © Elizabeth Leader



   © Ellie Brown
   Emily Brushing Teeth



   © Helen R. Klebesadel
   Tossed by the Sea



   © Jacqueline Jrolf
   Rook Reliquary



   © Jeremias Paul
   First Integration



   © Johanna Gillman



   © Julian Lesser
   Man in Blue Tub



   © Kari-Mette Astrup
   Blowing in the Wind



   © Laurie Joan Aron



   © Mare Vaccaro
   Vamp Locket #1



   © Mary Kay Neumann
   Sunshine of Your Love



   © Millee Tibbs
   Self Portrait behind a
   Pile of Gravel



   © Monique Ford
   Woman #2



   © Nanette Wylde
   Meaning Maker Kiosk
   Art Viewing Experience



   © Olivia Carol Williams
   Bathing an Image



   © Randee Silv
   Varet 374



   © Sandra de Nijs
   Ice Comma



   © Sherry Shine
   On my Way to the Market



   © Sheryl Westergreen
   In the Valley I



   © Susan Sanborn North
   I Could Not See Who Was
   Hunting Me



   © Vlatko Ceric
   Chaos 1