The American Dream
July 4th 2009 - June 30th 2010

Revolution and Renaissance - part 1

©Elena Fajt       Reject Object    Hair, pins

The American Dream

Elena Fajt, Rees Shad, Ginny Baughman, Dasha Ziborova, Rina Peleg, Aphrodite Desiree Navab, Jennifer Brantley, Hariclia Michailidou, Barbara Mink, Myra Williamson Wirtz, Eileen Shapley Katz, Damien James, Rhonda Schaller

Schaller + Jaquish Art Projects is pleased to present the first exhibition in a series of shows concerning themes of Revolution and Renaissance. In this economy we believe we see an important re-emerging attitude in the arts. The gallery model is in flux, and there are more artists being led by frugality and integrity, individualism, entrepreneurship and a pioneering spirit. 
Will we see a trend in vision making that is creative, productive and nourishing or dark, nihilistic and foretelling the end of the world? Will materials be recycled or up-cycled, random or computer generated? What will tradition come to mean?
We see political, spiritual and emotional ideas being explored, immigrant dreams retold, and the reuse of discarded materials. In this continuing dialogue, we are delighted to share with you a collection of new and past work by a group of very talented artists both emerging and established that together, begins to explore a new American spirit.

Rhonda Schaller

©Rees Shad       Mote     Digital Print, Video Still

©Ginny Baughman        The White Picket Fence     Found Objects   12" x 12" x 4"

©Dasha Ziborova       Love Your Barbie    Crayon and Oil Pastel

©Rina Peleg       9/11 American Flag    Ceramic   10ft x 12 ft

©Ginny Baughman       The World in Her Hands    Plaster, acrylic on Canvas    40" x 68" x 6"

©Aphrodite Desiree Navab       New World     Digital Print   16 " x 20 "

©Aphrodite Desiree Navab       Learning to Fly    Digital Print     16 " x 20 "

©Rina Peleg       Idol Family    Ceramic and discarded magazine photos

©Jennifer Brantley       Woodland Spring      Mixed Media

©Elena Fajt       Hideout of Memory #3      Hair, pins installation detail

©Dasha Ziborova       Highlanders      Crayon and oil pastel on paper

©Hariclia Michailidou       1a.night74,b,w1,f1,m      Computer aided     30 " x 21 "

©Jennifer Brantley       Untitled       Mixed Media

©Jennifer Brantley       Rusted       Mixed Media

©Barbara Mink       You can't break even       48" x 72"

©Barbara Mink       You can't Quit the Game       48" x 72"

©Barbara Mink       You can't Win       72" x 120"

©Hariclia Michailidou       .night1,74,b,m,m2,w2,l2,5-7,lbls1       Computer aided     90" x 20"

©Hariclia Michailidou       1a.night66,m1, Hymn to Poseidon       Computer aided     30" x 21"

©Rhonda Schaller       American Spirit       Up-cycled Materials, wax     15" x 15" x 15"

©Rhonda Schaller       Letting Go of Attachment       6 panels oil on paper     66" x 60"

©Rina Peleg       Warrior with Body Armor       Steel and Ceramic     8ft x 5ft

©Myra Williamson Wirtz       I can resist anything but temptation       Mixed Media     36" x 48"

©Eileen Shapley Katz       Quantum Leap       Mixed Media     26" x 27"

©Eileen Shapley Katz       Quiet Desperation       Acrylic     23" x 16"

©Damien James       I'll eat your shame and make you new       Marker     30" x 22"

©Ginny Baughman       Holding up the World       Found Objects     17" x 19" x 16"

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