Access: A Feminist Perspective
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January 18 – February 10, 2007

From the Catalogue Introduction:
Access: A Feminist Perspective is a sampler, a diverse mix of 28 artists who add to the dialogue recognizing the great artistic and cultural influence of women today and down through the ages. Female energy has experienced untold slings and arrows, yet it remains the glue holding the matrix of civilization together. And in the following pages you will see artists whose talents pay homage to and take inspiration from this positive feminine force, using art as a medium and as a message.

This exhibition explores feminist critique, beginning with work by artists inspired by women or inspired by feminist analysis as pertains to the word "access", and extending to its impact on subject matter as in the use of territory and place; role models and identity; body parts and self image; and spiritual commentary and re-gendering.

The artists in this show use their technical and visual skills to enlighten us, humor us, and invite us into a narrative of their own making. What we hope you see in their works is a consciousness informed by personal inspiration and self-reflection, including ethical and philosophical overtones. Their aesthetic invites us to revisit our assumptions, widen our understanding of the questions, the answers, the possibilities of access - and redefine a context for what we value.”

Rhonda Schaller, Gallery Director
Dave Jaquish, Blue Pearl Press
© January, 2007


        © Aphrodite Desiree Navab
        "Super East-West Woman"
        Digital print
        25" x 21"

         © Andrea Zemel
         "In The Game"
         Hand colored etching
         7 ¾" x 9"

         © Daniela Samovolska-

         "Tower of Life"
         Limited edition print, oil
         on canvas
         14" x 18"

        © Janis Purcell
        Clay with mixed
        7" x 14" x 51"

       © Jada Schumacher
       "Orange-and-Dart Molding"
       Resin, oranges
       6" x 6" x 29"


       © Michi Colacicco
       Horsehair, pigment,
       book pages, mounted
       on paper
       9 ¼" x 12 ½"


   © Mare Vaccaro
   "Viper Locket"
   Photo print
   16" x 20"

       © Karen Maru
       "Body parts"
       Fabric ink on textile,
       hand dyed, quilted
       46 ½" x 50 ½"

         © Jacqueline Jrolf
         "Reliquary for H. von

         Terra cotta, reclaimed
         mink, glass vial
         9" x 9" x 11"

            © Amelia M. Falk
            "I've been told that as I
            get older, I should
            consider wearing a bra"

            20" x 20"

         © Angela Ellsworth
         Black thread on
         paper napkin
         4" x 7"

          © Nanette Wylde
          "about so many things"
          Electronic flip book

           © Susan C. Dessel
           "Untitled (Honor)"
           Wood, plexiglass,                         cement, cheesecloth,
           22" x 27" x 48"

          © Cynthia Eardley
          Hydrocal, paint, ceramic
          8" x 9"

         © Yoon Soo Lee
         "practice love #12,

         Mixed media on canvas
         36" x 36"

           © Cristina Biaggi
           "Aidan – Son of the                       Goddess"
           Bronze sculpture
           4" x 5"x 16"

      © Doree Albritton
      Mixed media on linen
      24" x 12"

        © Susan Antonez-

       "Woman of the Moors"
       Oil on canvas
       36" x 48"

      © Donna R. Pattee-Ballard
      "Shame #2"
      Silver gelatin prints
      40" x 20"

      © Elise Vazelakis
      Mixed media
      16" x 20"

            © Ana Maria Delgado
            "Untitled (from) Sagrada

            Silver gelatin print
            16" x 16"

       © Francine LeClercq
       "Women Restroom Sign"
       Plastic with self-adhesive
       6" x 9"


           © Carlos Masis
           "Ferocious Beast at Rest"
           Oil on linen
           42" x 36"

            © Tasja Keetman
            Hand-made paper
            on wood
            12" x 70"

            © Allison Artis
            "Freedom Fighter"
            Oil, pigment &
            24" x 48"

            © Maya Freelon

            Tissue paper &
            2" x 12" x 16"

            © Monique Ford
            Oil on canvas
            48" x 60"

           © Cindy Betzer Pharis
           "Redefining Beauty:
          Savanna, A mathematical

          Oil pastel & ink
          18" x 22"

All artwork may be purchased online or in person at the gallery.

Rhonda Schaller,
Gallery Director,